Why Interos?

We are proud to provide value to organizations with varying business relationship challenges. Whether you represent an organization that is seeking to reduce the time to conduct vendor due diligence, want to understand where your suppliers are located and how they are connected, are interested in ensuring ethical supply and production, or are focused on achieving operational resiliency — Interos can help.

Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Identify hidden risk in your ecosystem
  • Reduce the impact of disruptive event
  • Achieve operational resiliency

Compliance and Accountability

  • Discover your tertiary suppliers
  • Surface supplier concentration
  • Identify supplier country of origin


Ongoing Supplier Assurance

  • Hold suppliers to the highest standards
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Achieve an ethical supply chain

Sourcing Alternatives

  • Discover alternative supplier opportunities
  • Make informed strategic decisions
  • Support rapid innovation