Protect your organization from disruption

Understand the Risk, Build Resiliency

We can’t control the world, the weather or natural disasters and we can’t control how people act or react within it. But we can model and measure relationships so that when something does occur, we can understand the impact, globally. 

56% of organizations have experienced a breach that was caused by one of their vendors.

Data Risk in the Third-Party Ecosystem Survey, Ponemon Institute, 2018

Introducing Interos

Interos, with AI technology, discovers your wider supplier ecosystem and uncovers the ripple effects that could impact your organization.


Discover and map the sub tiers of your supply chain


Receive dynamic health scores for your suppliers



Receive alerts about events that could impact your suppliers

The Interos Difference

We discover

Interos identifies and maps your multi-tier supply chain so that you can see your supplier's suppliers, and beyond.


We're non disruptive

Login and we'll get started immediately. No invasive conversations with you, or your suppliers.

We're always up to date

Our health scores are dynamically updated to provide you the most accurate supplier insights.

We scale

Our machine learning technology enables us to move faster and analyze more for our customers.

We personalize

Every organization is different. Let us know what’s important to you and our Interos will surface relevant information.

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