Our Story

Where it all began

Interos started in 2005 by providing customers with tailored assessments and maps of their multi-tiered global supply chains, identifying risks and alerting them to areas that required attention.

Speaking to our customers and looking outside the industry, we noticed an opportunity like no other. In 2015, we took a giant leap and pivoted to a SAAS model and launched Interos – a subscription-based product that visualizes the assessments and maps with a framework for our customers to be able to easily view and share their supply chain risk findings, supporting informed decision making with continuous monitoring.

Since launching, we’ve expanded its features, and revolutionized the market by adding a 24x7 push of information on businesses around the world, visualizing how they’re connected and allowing our customers to customize how this information is fed to them. Over the next year we will continue on this vain – striving to deliver features that delight our customers!