The latest report on China and Supply Chain Risk

In the five years between September 2012 and September 2017, 51 percent of all shipments to seven of leading providers of IT software and hardware to the federal government originated in China. Learn more about the supply chain risk this trend presents by requesting the latest China Commission Report titled “Supply Chain Vulnerabilities from China in U.S. Federal Information and Communications Technology”.

What’s inside made-in-China electronics should worry federal customers, study says

The U.S. government is dangerously vulnerable to Chinese espionage or cyberattack because of its dependence on electronics and software made in China, a risk that threatens to grow as Beijing seeks global technological dominance, according to a study for a congressionally chartered advisory commission.

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Podcast: Ep. 59: Exposing the Supply Chain Security Nightmare. A Discussion with Interos Solutions CEO Jennifer Bisceglie

When most people think of the words “supply chain” they harken back to the class room definition — the sequence of steps and processes involved in the production and distribution of a commodity or product in a factory. While that’s true, over the last several decades the move toward low cost outsourcing has dramatically changed where companies source their components and finished products as well as the multitude of players that supply them.

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Podcast: Risky Business #496 — The China supply chain problem

On this week’s show we hear from Jennifer Bisceglie, the CEO of Interos Solutions, a company that recently prepared a report on supply chain security for the US government’s US-China Economic and Security Review Commission. Risky Business contributor Brian Donohue caught up with Jennifer to talk about the report and really get an idea of what supply chain risks look like from a macro level.

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