Enhancing Supply Chain transparency and risk management through Interos’ Ecosystem Monitoring & Assurance Platform

For more than a decade Interos has been helping governments and businesses build and maintain resilient and dynamic eco-systems. Leveraging the Interos platform our customers are able to:

  • Understand the complex connections and dependencies across their eco-system
  • Increase the end-to-end transparency and knowledge of their multi-tier eco-system
  • Answer complex risk and resiliency questions impacting suppliers across their eco-system
  • Continuous discover indicators of risks for individual suppliers and their supply chains

Combining innovative big data analytics with best in class research, the Interos Ecosystem Monitoring and Assurance platform creates a holistic picture of our customers ecosystem and individual suppliers.  Through our cloud-based platform, customers gain actionable visibility and insights into their ever evolving ecosystem, individual suppliers and indicators of risks.


Visualize and Analyze your supply chain


Identify, Assess and Prioritize your risk management

Dynamic Risk Scores

Quantitatively measure  and benchmark your suppliers risk

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitor your supply chain for vulnerabilities

How our customers use
the Interos Platform

Ecosystem Mapping

Customer Challenge:  Their customer included country of origin controls in their contract.  The customer did not know how to comply.

Interos Platform:  Our ecosystem mapping showed that distribution was through a manufacturing plant in Monterrey, Mexico.

Customer Mitigation:  Customer found an alternative source in Europe.

Supplier Insights

Customer Challenge:  Concerned with the resiliency of a specific supplier.

Interos Platform:  Our Rapid Insight product discovered the tier 3 supplier closed its business offices and moved their operations to the owner’s garage.

Customer Mitigation:  Customer had a face to face  meeting with the supplier and agreed to multiple audits to mitigate.

Continuous Monitoring

Customer Challenge:  Identifying emerging cyber risks across their supply chain.

Interos Platform:  Our continuous monitoring capture a risk Indicator that identified an open source software product with over 400 listed vulnerabilities and 8 critical vulnerabilities that had not been mitigated/patched.

Customer Mitigation: Customer chose to acquire another software product that provided similar and more secure capability.

We offer a comprehensive view of your ecosystem.
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