Interos’ Global Threat Information Center (GTIC™) for Supply Chain and Supplier Analysis

Interos’ Global Threat Information Center (GTIC™) is a comprehensive, commercially available, supply chain risk management (SCRM) solution for the Federal Government and the private sector.

Global Threat Information Center Graphic

Risk Tolerance Determination, Mitigation, & Implementation

The GTIC™ leverages a library of federal and industry standards to determine a customer’s priorities and model risk tolerance thresholds. The output from the risk modeling process allows an organization to clearly understand their supply chain risk tolerances as well as how to address or mitigate risk.

Open Source Intelligence

The GTIC™ is able to drill-down into critical content to identify influential data features essential to shaping the supply chain risk profile. Through this capability, Interos will analyze links between organizations, nations, companies, financials, facilities, people, products, shipments, cybersecurity events, warnings, traffic volume, and key words or concepts to understand the potential risks associated with procuring a product, working with a specific supplier, or in a specific area of the world.

Supplier Mapping and Supplier Engagement

The adage "A picture is worth a thousand words” refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image. Visualizing supply chain maps becomes more complicated as firms pursue outsourcing strategies and global delivery systems. Until a supply chain is fully decomposed by each stakeholder, an organization will never have a full view of vulnerable areas within their business operations.

Onsite Assessments, Compliance, and Certifications

Services included are supplier questionnaires, supplier onsite audits, and standards compliance verification. Information collected from Onsite Assessments, Compliance, and Certifications activities will be exponentially more valuable when compared against the GTIC™’s open source business intelligence and analysis capability, because together they will show a complete picture.

Awareness, Training & Outreach

Any supply chain risk mitigation program is only as successful as the organization’s level of adoption. The GTIC™ includes a resource library for both executive level Awareness Campaigns, delivered via seminars or small groups, or the enterprise Awareness Campaigns, delivered via in-person seminars or video teleconferencing. The GTIC™ resources include job-based training modules, so that each stakeholder in an organization, from the CIO office to the contracting personnel, program manager, or warehouse personnel understands their role in supply chain risk mitigation. The job-based training can be done in person or via computer-based training (CBT).

Alerts, Standards, Legislation

Interos is a part of many industry and Federal Government supply chain working groups and discussions. Interos brings this information to our clients, through the GTIC™, to ensure they are aware of standards, legislation, regulations, and best business practices that affect their business. The purpose is to ensure our clients are always the first to know of new standards, legislation, and regulation that may affect them. This keeps costs and threat levels at a reduced rate.


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